Artikelnr: D181071 || EAN-code:
Artikelnr: D181071 || EAN-code :

Hoodman CompactFlash - 128GB UDMA 1000X - U3, 4K

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The Hoodman 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card STEEL is a type I CompactFlash (CF) memory card with 128GB of data storage capacity, with speed rating of 1000x, enabling fast read speeds of up to 150MB/s and extremely fast write speeds of up to 145MB/s.

  • Card Type: CF TYPE 1
  • Capacity: 128GB
  • Class Rating: UDMA7
  • Speed Rating: 1000X
  • Read Speed: 150mb/s
  • Write Speed: 145mb/s
  • Operating Temp: -25°C-85°C
  • Dimensions: 43 mm x 36 mm x 3.3 mm