Artikelnr: D203611 || EAN-code:
Artikelnr: D203611 || EAN-code :

SmallRig 3375 Simorr Portable Selfie Stick Tripod ST20

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Simorr Portable Selfie Stick Tripod ST20 3375 is an all-in-one tripod that supports both selfie stick shooting and tripod shooting, offering more possibilities for creators. It features 30cm-130cm height adjustment for a wider photographic view and a more stable center column structure to ensure maximum stability after unfolding in the tripod mode. It comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote control and an all-in-one smartphone holder which enables the horizontal shooting, vertical shooting multi-angle adjustment. The tripod supports folding storage, its folded length is only 23.6cm, making it easy to carry around.

Note: When you open and retract the stick, the tripod at the bottom will automatically open and close. Please do not put your hands directly on the tripod to avoid pinching injuries.


  • Easy switch between selfie and tripod modes.
  • Optimized structure for enhanced stability.
  • 1.3m stretch height, provides wider viewing angle and more flexible options.