Artikelnr: D182001 || EAN-code:
Artikelnr: D182001 || EAN-code :

JJC Panasonic DCH-BLG10 USB Dual Battery Charger (DMW-BLG10/DMW-BLE9, Leica BP-DC15)

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JJC DCH series USB Dual Battery Charger allows you to charge 2 batteries at the same time. Powered by USB sources, you can charge your battery with AC adapter, laptop, power bank or car charger, which enables you to refresh your battery wherever and whenever. The 2 indicator lamps display the status of the battery. The indicator lamp flashes when charging and will be constant on when charging is complete. Moreover, when the battery is about to overheat, the charger will sense and stop charging immediately. Besides that, the charger will automatically detect when the batteries are fully charged and stop charging to prevent damage to your batteries. With the built-in USB cable, this battery charger is convenient to carry.