Artikelnr: D180731 || EAN-code:
Artikelnr: D180731 || EAN-code :

SmallRig SA0005 New Design Handheld Kit for A7 III / A7R III

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Packing List:
  • Smallrig Cage For Sony A7 III A7R III CCS2645
  • Smallrig Arri Locating Handle HTR2640
  • Smallrig Wood Side Handle With Arri-Style Mount HSS2642
  • Smallrig Swivel And Tilt Monitor Mount With Cold Shoe BSE2346
  • Smallrig Cage With Sun Hood For Smallhd Focus 5" Hdmi/Sdi Monitors CMS2641
  • Smallrig Universal 15mm Rail Support System Baseplate 2092
  • Smallrig 2Pcs 15mm Black Aluminum Alloy Rod(M12-25Cm) 10Inch 1052
  • Smallrig 15mm Lws Universal Lens Support BSL2644
  • Smallrig V-Lock Assembly Kit 1846B
  • Smallrig Battery Back 1547