Artikelnr: D159341 || EAN-code: 655257730721
Artikelnr: D159341 || EAN-code : 655257730721

SpiderPro Tripod Carrier Kit

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The Spider Tripod Carrier Kit combines the Tripod Carrier with the lightweight Black Widow Holster for a complete tripod carrying solution. Designed to safely carry any tripod or monopod up to 2,2 kg,
Attached to the tripod leg with two high strength, durable
 fasteners, the Spider Tripod carrier's low profile does not interfere with using your tripod. 
The Black Widow holster can be mounted on any belt, including the SpiderPro or SpiderLight belts, and serves as a secure connection for the Tripod Carrier.

Compatibility - compatible with all Spider Holster accessories/products.

Black Widow Holster included
Full compatibility - attaches to any style or size tripod/monopod leg
Angles the tripod/monopod for comfortable carry on either hip
Secure locking & quick release

Product Highlights
Carries up to 2,2 kg
Weight - (130g)
Material: Polymer & Stainless Steel