Artikelnr: D204041 || EAN-code:
Artikelnr: D204041 || EAN-code :

SmallRig 3249 mounting plate for DJI RS2

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SmallRig mounting plate for DJI RS2 3249 is a stretchable baseplate designed for DJI RS2. It slides over the tilt arm to adjust the mounting position and is secured with a locking knob. It’s horizontally stretchable to fit large cameras such as BMPCC 6K Pro, by changing the distance between the RS2 tilt arm and the camera. You can also adjust the camera horizontally and fix it with a flip lock for quick leveling. The baseplate is compatible with the original Manfrotto quick release plates or 3061/3158/3031, and equipped with a quick locking structure and an anti-release structure for easy assembly and disassembly and to prevent accidental disconnection. It also supports the original RavenEye Image Transmission System and comes with multiple 1/4" threaded holes for such accessories as 2336, 2987, and 2790 to facilitate power supply.


  • Horizontally stretchable to fit various large cameras, with quick leveling.
  • Highly compatible with the original Manfrotto quick release plate and RavenEye Image Transmission System.
  • Multiple 1/4" threaded holes for a wide range of accessories.
  • Multiple quick-locking structures for easy adjustment and more stability.


  • DJI RS2

In the box

  • 1 x Baseplate