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Artikelnr: D182161 || EAN-code :

BlackRapid Nicole Elliot BY BLACKRAPID

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introducing a brand-new camera strap designed by women for women – Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID. With its innovative functionality, maximum comfort and unique style, this strap will change the way you photograph life.

Your camera should be an extension of you, not an annoyance to carry. Your camera gear should add to your creative energy – not inhibit it. Taking its cue from the way women have been carrying their babies for centuries, Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID takes the pressure points away from your neck and shoulders by "hugging” your shoulder to evenly distribute the weight. Allowing you to have full mobility and making your camera feel virtually weightless. Shoot for hours without feeling fatigue, discomfort or pain!

The shoulder pad is reversible — black on both sides — with two lens cap pouches and two zippered pockets for memory cards, batteries and whatever other small accessories you want to keep close. And the strap adjusts to up to 63” in total length, ensuring a perfect fit for any body type.

Nicole Elliott by BLACKRAPID – #LiveTheMoment in Comfort and Style!

• Ergonomically Correct. Even weight distribution takes the pressure off your neck and shoulders, making your camera feel weightless.
• Durable, water resistant fabric.
• Reversible, washable fabric shoulder pad – black on both sides.
• Reversible front or back strap adjustment for left- or right-handed users.
• Two zippered pockets 4”x4.5”
• Two lens cap pouches 4”x4.5?
• Extendable up to 63” in circumference.
• Front and back spring-loaded cam locks.
• Swivel ConnectR (CR-3) and FastenR (FR-5) connection system.
• LockStar Breathe cover to secure carabiner.
• Camera Safety Tether included for extra security.